Gladius Ferrum continued

Yes ! the two halves stayed together  as I wanted. I thought it would be cool to colour it black and metallic blue and it came out great. All I need to do now is put on some leather around the handle. Will post a picture of that soon.


another step

Finally ready to pour the first half....
More progress shots on the weapons page (click here)  I spent a lot of time getting the mould ready, finding the undercuts and smoothing and sanding these away, seperating the mould with soap and vaseline and finally mixing and pouring the Kleercast we got from the hardware store....now when it's dry/set I can pour it again and place this half on top. Hopefully it will fuse together like that and I will have my Gladius Ferrum ! Fingers crossed


Gladius Ferrum continued...

I continued to work on my Gladius Ferrum, I sawed wood for a frame for the mold, put the sculpted sword in the middle, seperated with vaseline and poured plaster all around and over it. Then I left it to dry completely and then ..... lifted the sculpt out of the cast.... woah...exciting ! But now I need some stuff to make the final sword with......mayby perspex ? Liquid something that I can mix and will harden hard enough..... see more pics in the weapons page  


Ideas for a mask

starting some ideas on a mask while waiting on material for the sword